The Paseo Recordings began with field recordings of Before (Taos) being played in an alley off the Taos, NM Historic Plaza during The Paseo Project.  The Paseo Project is a street art festival in -- you guessed it -- Taos, NM. Before (Taos) is a sound installation.  See the Past Work section of this page (below) for more on the installation.

The Paseo Recordings picks up where Before (Taos) left off. Both projects seek to establish a strong sense of place, both utilize field recordings in and around Taos, NM. Where Before (Taos) focuses on recordings of natural sounds, The Paseo Recordings place human activity in the foreground.  Where Before (Taos) focuses on simplicity, The Paseo Recordings are rich and complex.  

Release date:  November 1st.

Now taking pre-orders here:


part 01

part 01

I'm particularly excited about the Alabama Field series.  It will be my endeavors to document the resonating qualities of Alabama and surrounding areas through field recording and photography of focused subjects.  This project will be about as close to pure phonography as I currently have an interest in pursuing in a single collection.  These recordings are used with all the imperfections, clips, bumps, and accidental flourishes left in tact.  The means of recording and at times the recordist are as much at center stage as the recorded subject.  The focus is more based in the experience of the subject audio and the recording event than a keepsake portrait.  Even some of the minicassette recordings I was making over a decade ago have been dug out and digitally transferred for consideration.  

The first release in the series will be a little more broad in focus than the later releases.  So far it is the product of my excitement to be back home among the sounds, smells, and colors of Alabama -- where I spent the first 25 years of my life.  The following releases in the series will be selections of concise subject matter such as water, room sounds, or insects.  For now, here is an excerpt from "Porch and Pasture," which will be on Part 01.


Bodie Light | Nags Head, NC

Bodie Light | Nags Head, NC

The Lighthouse has recently taken its first steps with a 10 day trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Its focus and purpose will likely evolve a few times before completion.  Currently the focus is broad. It includes the documentation of lighthouses as an outdated architectural form, as a cliché, and a vessel for ideals. The documentation is through phonography, field recording based composition, photography, and fictional memoir. The final product is ambitious and will take time to develop and produce.  It will also most likely take years to complete.  It may never be complete, but I will occasionally release slivers of documentation here.  For starters, this is a recording near the Bodie Light in Nag's Head, NC.