Of Silence

With Shaun Sandor and Pas Musique

Of Silence was a joint production from Alrealon Musique, Blondena Music, and Silent Media.  It is a limited edition of 500 handmade card stock cases and CDs.

The Paramaount goal of this project was to investigate the role of silence within the work of each artist: Pas MusiqueShaun Sandor, and myself.  All three began with their own concepts of silence. Each artist composed an audio piece based on their concept and then passed the completed works on to the next artist in a predetermined rotation -- Pas to Ben, Ben to Shaun, and Shaun to Pas. The following composer then worked on the previous artist's composition with regard to their own concept of silence. This revolution took place twice, resulting in nine full compositions.


Before (Taos)

Before (Taos)  is a two hour sound installation commissioned for the 2014 street art festival The Paseo in Taos New Mexico.  The installation was composed of field recordings made in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.  The project began as an imagining of Taos before it was inhabited by people and how the natural conditions influenced the people and the architecture of the current culture.  Recordings of the installation and the festival will be the sound sources for the upcoming release The Paseo Recordings (see the current work section of this site).


The Nuances of Wedlock

The Nuances of Wedlock is composed of audio studies conducted for "The Marriage Proposal." "The Marriage Proposal" is a poem by Joel Fry and a respective audio piece by me included as one fifth of another artefact called VISITATIONS.
The audio for The Nuances of Wedlock and "The Marriage Proposal" are bowed before, gestured toward, and delivered from recordings of Joel reciting, and Emily Troedson singing the poem.
The Nuances of Wedlock is a hand numbered, handmade edition of 50 card stock prints with hemp thread tied to a ringlet fastener, and a cdr.



  Five Poems by Joel Fry and Five Audio Pieces by Ben Link Collins

 Five Poems by Joel Fry and Five Audio Pieces by Ben Link Collins

Visitations, a collaboration with the poet Joel Frywas the second release on Silent Media.  The project is a study of ideas and how those ideas break down when distilled into words or sound. Each respective piece of Visitations began differently. For “The Marriage Proposal” the poetry came first and the music was composed based on the ideas represented in the poem. For “The Farm Before Dawn” that method was reversed. Though, in other cases, Joel and Ben’s creative processes were not that direct. Instead, there was an extensive back and forth between the artists to represent an idea in whole through both mediums. For “A Star on The Sea” Joel and Ben began with only a title, working independently at first, and then bringing their works in progress to each other for final touches. Both “Prayer” and “Old Age on Sanders Street” where created less methodically, but with equal focus on the other medium. Though the works on Visitations are the result of two artists working independently within their own means of expression, a broader consciousness was imposed on Ben and Joel’s processes in the sense that they were never alone, never permitted to create in a vacuum, never without a definable sense of an other in both human and creative forms. 

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